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Year 9 Learning

In Year 9 Citizenship is taught though the Personal Development Curriculum. Other departments are also building citizenship knowledge through their curriculums.


Key content

Fairness and Justice:


the nature of rules and laws and the justice system, including the role of the police

  • What is the law?
  • How does the CJS work?
  • What can be done to prevent youth crime?

GCSE Assessment Information

The course will be assessed through 2 exams which are sat at the end of year 11 covering the topics shown below:

Paper 1 – 50% of GCSE grade: Themes A-C

Paper 2 – 50% of GCSE grade: Themes D-E with one question that comes from either Theme A, B or C.

Career Opportunities:

Skills learned in Citizenship are highly transferrable, students that have taken Citizenship have gone on to read Law and Politics at University, some have trained to become police officers and paramedics. This course is an excellent foundation for anyone wishing to pursue a career in law, journalism, the media, international relations, politics or the civil service.

Required resources/equipment for the course:

There are no requirements for this course, an interest in law and current affairs is useful as is an interest in active campaigning.