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Year 9 Learning

In Year 9 students can select a pathway to follow. The music production pathway builds the necessary skills needed for Key Stage 4 success. Students will explore how to record audio in the studio, and mix audio using EQ, FX, balance, panning, and processors. Students will explore how to build and produce a whole music track looking at EDM and understand how to compose for a film by exploring different techniques. Students will study grade 1 and 2 theory to have a firm understanding of the fundamentals of music.



Key content


Film production

  • Explore production by setting up the DAW and programming and recording notes in
  • Create a piece of film music for a scene
  • Understand mixing and presenting a final piece of music

Video game production

  • Create a piece of video game music for a character
  • Explore adaptive music and impact on players


Original production

  • Create a piece of minimalism music
  • Explore way to extend original ideas – melodic development
  • Explore notation software to produce an original composition


Responding to a brief – Arranging production

  • Understand the client, target audience, aims, and objectives of the brief
  • Create a piece of music that fulfills the brief
  • Understand key characteristics of synth pop and rock ‘n’ roll
  • Explore how to arrange a piece of music into a different style
  • Understand the key characteristics of different genres