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Year 9 Learning

Year 9 is an introductory course intended as preparation for the coursework in Year 10 and 11. Students learn to work more independently and direct their own outcomes. The curriculum provision is two 100-minute lessons every two weeks. Art and Design has traditionally been a popular subject at GCSE level and always looks to bring out our student’s creative abilities.



Key Content

What you will know at the end of this term


Introduction to GCSE style of working using a range of directed topics including Identity / Portraiture


Key areas of developing a project-

  • Develop ideas through sustained and focused investigations
  • Select materials and refine ideas through directly exploring and experimenting
  • record ideas or observations relevant to intentions
  • present a personal, and original response

To understand the process of developing a project


Use various drawing and designing techniques to
record observations in sketchbooks and other media as they develop their designs towards an outcome


Continue project looking at a range of appropriate Artists that can inform the independent work

As above

How to explore the techniques used by major contemporary
or historic artists, craftspeople and designers, as well as
other cultures, so as to inform their creative interpretations


Media development and Workshops including - Printmaking

3D modelling – Clay & Card

Pen and ink

Watercolour & Acrylics

As above

How to apply their technical knowledge of materials and processes to select and improve their control of techniques and practices.