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Year 9 Learning

By the time students enter Year 9, they will have a secure foundation of historical knowledge and skills. We aim to equip all students with a secure knowledge of the past regardless. The Year 9 topics focus on the modern history of the world around us.




Key content


World War Two


The Holocaust

  • Was WW2 inevitable?
  • Key events of WW2 and how did it end?


  • What was Jewish life like in Europe before the 1930s?
  • How were Jews persecuted?
  • What is the legacy of the Holocaust?



Post War World



  • The Cold War – why did it start, and key events in Europe and Asia?
  • How did the Cold War end?


Civil Rights

  • How did the Civil Rights Movement start?
  • Key protests e.g. Montgomery Bus Boycott, Little Rock 9, Black Power.