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Year 9 Learning

Our curriculum is taught with a mixture of linear and thematic learning, giving students the chance to learn, use and compare new concepts as well as enhance their understanding and skills in the wider world. These transferable skills will support at Key Stage 4.



Key content

Autumn Term

Impacts of crime and punishment


  • Why do people commit crime?
  • Why do we have laws and aims of punishment?
  • Would you forgive?
  • How should criminals be treated?


Spring Term

Exploring Hinduism


  • What are Hindu beliefs about God and scriptures?
  • What are the four stages of life in Hinduism?
  • What are the features of a Hindu temple?
  • What are the significant places in Hinduism?
  • What are Hindus key beliefs?


Summer Term

Why is religion controversial?


  • Persecution and violence in religion
  • What is a Holy war?
  • Women, equality and religion
  • What is sexuality and homosexuality?
  • What is the difference between a marriage and divorce?
  • What is contraception?