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Year 9 Drama Students in Conference with Framestore

The name Framestore may be new to many people but there’s little doubt that their award- winning creations will have been seen by most of us. A British animation and visual arts company, the firm specialises in creating effects for film, television, video games and other media. Framestore operates across the complete production process to help design, plan and create visual effects to support their clients' stories. You’ll have seen their work in films such as Barbie, Wonka and Guardians of the Galaxy and in adverts such as those for Nike, and McDonalds.

Framestore Video Conference - 31.1.24.jpg

We were therefore delighted to host a video conference with Framestore to enable our Year 9 students to engage with some of the company’s visual effects artists. This was a fantastic opportunity for the students to develop a wider awareness of careers in the performing and creative arts outside theatre. 

Framestore staff gave the students unique insights into what it was like to be involved in specific projects such as the Marvel Studios TV action-adventure series, Loki. Students also had the opportunity to find out about what it’s like to be employed in the entertainment industry, as well as helping them to the discover the skills and techniques used and required in the sector.

It was certainly a very worthwhile video conference as the students clearly benefitted from meeting industry professionals who are at the top of their game. Typical reflections from our students included:

“This was a very inspiring and useful presentation which exposed me to roles behind the scenes within the film industry.”

“I wasn’t aware of all the different job opportunities there are in the industry before this.”

“That was so cool! I loved learning about movie magic!”

Miss Nikols, English teacher, comments: 
“We are very grateful to the visual effects artists who provided invaluable insights into the secrets of movie magic and provided an inspiring presentation regarding their careers within the entertainment industry. They opened the eyes of our students to the world of possibilities for future careers.”

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