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Year 8 Learning

In Year 8 students are exposed to ensembles and different instruments that ensures the key skills and knowledge are secure and ready to progress into year 9. Students become familiar with world music and understand how to work in a band through pop music.

Technology skills are built on from year 8 and further band work is looked at through reggae and blues understanding how melody and harmony work together. They will appraise the music and by the end of year 8 perform 2 complete pieces of music from different styles.



Key content


House production

  • Explore a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) by working on an electronic dance music arrangement
  • Understand the key features of a DAW.
  • How to input midi, mix and present a final piece of music using a computer



  • Build on ensemble skills through reggae music
  • Understand Reggae music and the context
  • Explore the rhythmic elements found in the different instrumental parts


Sounds of India

  • Develop composition and improvisation skills through Hindustani
  • Recognise and use different timbres through listening and production
  • Explore melody, rhythm and ornamentation through improvisation and Bhangra production