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Year 8 Learning

Students continue to study both Dance and Drama in year 8. Students have one lesson a fortnight. Students rotate between subjects at three points during the year: (approximately) October half term, Christmas and Easter.




Key content

Autumn Term


Jazz Dance

  • Learn repertoire from a music video
  • Develop and practice rehearsal techniques
  • Learn about the development of the Jazz dance style
  • Explore, select and develop appropriate content for a Jazz dance
  • Understanding, developing and apply key performance skills


Physical Theatre

  • Learn scripted extracts from repertoire
  • Analyse relationships and conflicts to represent on stage.
  • Explore vocal skills to develop characterisation
  • Understanding, developing and applying key performance skills 
  • Develop movement and stylistic qualities to represent relationships
  • Perform and appreciate performances in the style of physical theatre

Spring/ Summer Term

Dance Contemporary Dance

  • Analyse Matthew Bourne’s The Car Man
  • Learn repertoire from The Car Man
  • Explore and create content that communicates meaning
  • Develop content using a range of dynamic qualities, spatial designs and dance relationships


Devising theatre

  • Learn steps to take when devising a performance
  • Explore dramatic techniques: tableaux, slow motion, passing the focus and thought tracking
  • Explore how to use improvisation to develop creative performance ideas
  • Develop performance using a range of techniques