Year 7’s Hit the Right Notes at Soft Touch Arts Centre

Year 7 students received a boost to their experience of expressive arts with a visit to the Soft Touch Arts Centre, whilst also providing the opportunity for them to develop and strengthen relationships within the College’s partnership with Soft Touch Arts.

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During the visit the students had the opportunity to explore a wide range of resources and to take part in a music workshop, leading to the creation of their own piece of work with some of Soft Touch’s highly skilled professional musicians and producers. It also gave them the experience of working within a music studio setting and gave an insight into the careers available in the arts.

Established in 1985, Soft Touch Arts aims to deliver fun and creative projects across the arts to interest young people and to help them realise the endless opportunities at both a personal and professional level that engagement with the arts can bring. 

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Our students loved their time at Soft Touch. Here’s a selection of their comments:

“The trip to Soft Touch was really fun and, if I could go again, then I will.  Also, I would do a lot more if I could.”

“The trip to Soft Touch was amazing!  I liked playing different instruments and I love the art they’ve made.”

‘‘What I enjoyed about the Soft Touch trip was that it was a fun experience and we made art. We could also have a break from the stress at school and just have fun.”

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Given these positive impressions it would be wonderful if, as their skills and confidence grow, the students availed themselves of other experiences on offer at Soft Touch. As a community-based arts group, the centre is open to all, and students are welcome to join in with projects independently of school.

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