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Year 7 Learning

In Year 7 students understand how to read and write music using a variety of different forms such as graphic scores and traditional notation. Students then go on to explore and appraise the elements of music and explore the building blocks of a composition. Instruments and contexts are introduced from around the world allowing a wide breadth of music to be performed and composed. Students also develop keyboard technique through studying Western Art Music.



Key content



  • Explore music production through turntables
  • Understand how to perform the baby, tear and release scratch
  • Develop duet performance skills such as rhythm, timing and listening


  • Develop ensemble performance skills such as timing, rhythm and listening
  • Understand how to play and compose music on different samba instruments using rhythm, tempo and texture



  • Learn composition skills such as notation and pitch through film music
  • Understand how film composers use different timbres and techniques


Pop band

  • Explore chord progressions, rhythm, melody and pop structure
  • Learn techniques on different instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, vocals and drum kit.