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Year 7 Learning

Performing Arts lessons in year 7 are divided equally between Dance and Drama. Students have one lesson a fortnight. Students rotate between subjects at three points during the year: (approximately) after the first month of the autumn term, Christmas and Easter.




Key content

Autumn Term

Dance Graffiti Dance

  • Exploring actions, dynamics and spatial designs


Physical skills

  • Exploring physical skills: facial expressions, body language and gestures

Dance & Drama Performing Arts Performance Project

  • Being an effective audience member
  • Working as a team
  • Learning and developing content that communicates meaning

Spring / Summer Term

Dance Bollywood Dance

  • Appreciating and exploring hasta mudras
  • Performing and appreciating the Bollywood dance style
  • Exploring simple dance relationships

Silent Movies

  • Exploring audience awareness and stage positioning
  • Performing and appreciating the style of silent movies
  • Developing physical skills to show reactions of a character


Billy Elliot The Musical

  • Learn repertoire based on Billy Elliot The Musical
  • Explore key themes from the musical to create original material

Drama Physical Theatre

  • Explore using body as a prop and movement to create objects.
  • Perform and appreciate the style of physical theatre