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Year 7 Learning

In Year 7 students are exposed to the fundamentals of Art and Design that ensures they have secured the key skills and knowledge ready to progressively build upon in their subsequent years. Students will become familiar with the Visual Elements, and process of constructing a piece of art. They will learn how to identify and reflect on these elements with their work and the work of others. 



Key Content

What you will know at the end of this term


Introduction to Art & Design

Mark making

Visual Elements introduction

Composition Rules

  • Line, Point, Tone, Colour and Texture
  • Rule of thirds, triangles, balance and symmetry

That particular kinds of marks can be made with
different materials or controlled using suitable tools.

Identify, discuss and apply the key features that are used in creating art


Artist Analysis


  • Understanding of content and context behind an artist and their work
  • Reasons behind tonal shading – Atmosphere, realism and depth

How to research the work of artists, craftspeople and designers, selecting important visual and text based information to help them in their own creative work.

Apply shading techniques to develop the work



Sea Life

Media techniques

  • How different styles of line can impact on an image

How to apply a range of mark-making techniques for different visual impacts