Year 7 Learning

At New College Leicester, we understand that students will be joining us with wide-ranging experiences of History and historical knowledge from primary school. Our goal for our Year 7 students is to learn basic historical skills and key knowledge about our city. Understanding key themes in History will act as a foundation as students continue their learning journey in History.



Key content







The story of Leicester








The Norman Conquest


  • Baseline test on Historical Skills
  • The History of Leicester from the Romans, through to the English Civil War, WW1 and the creation of New Parks



  • The Succession Crisis and Battles of 1066.
  • How does William change England and keep control until his death?






Religion and Monarchy






Democracy and Monarchy


  • How and why did Henry VIII break with the Catholic Church?
  • How did this affect England through the reigns of his children?



  • Magna Carta and Peasants’ Revolt.
  • How did the English Civil War impact the power of the Monarchy?






The Industrial Revolution

  • What was Britain like before the Industrial Revolution, and how did it change?
  • What was it like living and working in Industrial Cities, and how did this impact public health?