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Year 7 Learning

In Year 7 students are exposed to the fundamental science that ensures they have secured the key knowledge from KS2 and underpins the ambitious knowledge taught in subsequent years of the curriculum. Students become familiar with the idea of a scientific model and will build their practical ability in what will be their first experience of a lab setting to develop the skills to build successful budding scientists.


Learning Cycle

Key Concepts


Autumn 1




Skeletal and muscular

  • Cell structure
  • Microscopes


  • Organ systems
  • Skeletal and muscular systems

Autumn 2

Nutrition & digestion

  • Healthy lifestyles & balanced diet
  • Food tests
  • Digestive system and enzymes




Spring 1

Safety in Science



Nature of matter

  • Rules and using lab equipment
  • Risk assessments


  • Particle theory and changes of state
  • Diffusion and gas pressure

Spring 2

Pure substances



Elements and compounds

  • Pure substances and mixtures
  • Solutions and solubility
  • Separation techniques


  • Periodic table
  • Mixtures, compounds and formulae
  • Physical and chemical reactions

Summer 1

Molecules and matter







  • States of matter & Brownian motion
  • Density


  • Conductors and insulators
  • Conduction, convection, radiation
  • Energy and temperature

Summer 2





Healthy holidays

  • Energy stores and transfers
  • Efficiency and power
  • Energy resources
  • Fuels and combustion
  • Health and lifestyle factors
  • Pathogens and transmission
  • Disease symptoms and treatments
  • Body defences

This is what students will know by the end of each term.