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Year 11 Learning

Core PE

In Year 11 all students have 1 lesson of practical PE each week.

Students can take part in a range of sports including: football, trampolining, hockey, rounders, badminton, table tennis, netball, gymnastics, rugby, handball, athletics, softball and tennis

Students also have the option to volunteer as a young leader, receiving training and NGB qualifications. Student can use this knowledge and experience to lead a city and county wide sports event organised through the School Sport Partnership.

In addition, students can opt to study:

Sport, Activity and Fitness (BTEC)

In Year 11, those students who opted to take BTEC Sport in KS4 will continue their studies. This is the BTEC 1/2 Tech award in Sport (Qualification Number 603/7068/3). The course is primarily theory based and is in addition to Core Practical PE.

Students will cover benefits of exercise and barriers to participation, leadership, rules and regulations, components of fitness, training methods and fitness test.

In order to succeed at the highest-level students should attend extra-curricular clubs (inside/outside of school) to build on their practical ability and leadership skills.

In Year 11 students will complete 60% of the course which will include a 30% internal assessment in Nov/Dec and a 30% written exam in May of Year 11.



Key content - Theory


Taking part and improving other participants sporting performance

Component 2:

A – Understand how different components of fitness are used in different physical activities

B – Be able to participate in sport and understand the roles and responsibilities of officials

C – Demonstrate ways to improve participants sporting technique.


Developing fitness to improve other participants performance in sport and physical activity

Component 3:

A - Explore the importance of fitness for sports performance

B - Investigate fitness testing to determine fitness levels

C - Investigate different fitness training methods

D - Investigate fitness programming to improve fitness and sports performance