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Year 11 Learning

In Year 11 students study the BTEC TECH Award in Music Practice.

There are 3 components in this vocational course. Component 3 is an externally set commercial brief which learners will arrange a piece of music into a new style demonstrating the skills and knowledge learned in component 1 and component 2.



Key content

Autumn Term

Component 2: Music skills development

  • Develop composition, performance and production skills as an artist
  • Apply appropriate musical skills to original ideas
  • Evaluate your own skills development through skills audits, development plans and milestone reviews


Component 3: Responding to a Commercial

Music Brief

  • Explore a brief and investigate possible responses and ideas to meet the demands of the brief
  • Use relevant resources, skills and techniques to develop and refine musical material before presenting a final response
  • Develop and present an original creation based on a piece from a given list and a style from a choice of four
  • Present original product as a solo or group performance, an audio recording or a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) project