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Year 11 Learning

Year 11 provides a consolidation of students’ understanding of how the media is made, monitored and manipulated. Students showcase their skills in their final coursework draft, along with honing their understanding and application of key media theory, language and representation.


Learning Cycle

Key Concepts

Autumn Term


Students will complete their production, focusing specifically upon how to construct meaning through carefully selected media language. Opportunities will be provided for peer feedback to guide students upon what makes an effective marketing campaign. Students will also be encouraged to consider how they can utilise conventions, codes and expectations to either construct meaning or transgress expectations. Throughout this term, students will also be consolidating their knowledge of the set texts and case studies from Year 10- honing their skills at applying what they have learnt.  

Spring Term

Media Audiences and Institutions

Students will study a range of case studies focusing specifically upon different media industries and the ways in which they interact with their audience. This provides students to study with a depth and breadth of reference- conducting their own research to bolster the credibility of their case studies and to demonstrate a thorough understanding.  As with the Autumn Term, students will be afforded the opportunity to consolidate and hone their prior knowledge.

Summer Term


Students will prepare for their final examinations through carefully sequenced lessons focused specifically on individual classes’ needs.