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Year 10 Learning

In Year 10 students study the BTEC TECH Award in Music Practice. There are 3 components in this vocational course.

Component 1 explores different styles/genres and products in a portfolio-based assignment set from Pearson.

Component 2 students will study skills around a discipline either composition, production, or performance, and produce a product based on what they have learned. Component 3 is an externally set commercial brief which learners will arrange a piece of music into a new style demonstrating the skills and knowledge learned in previous components.



Key content

Autumn/Spring Term



Component 1: Exploring Music Products

and Styles


  • In this component, you will develop your understanding of different types of music product and the techniques used to create them
  • You will explore how musical elements, technology and other resources are used in the performance, creation and production of music
  • You will also practically explore the key features of different genres of music and music theory
  • You will apply your knowledge and understanding to developing your own creative work


Introduce Music Skills Development

  • You will develop technical, practical, personal and professional skills
  • You will specialize in at least two of the following areas: music performance, creating original music, music production
  • Throughout your development, you will review your progress and consider how to make improvements
  • You will learn how musicians share their work and collaborate with others.
  • You will develop your own skills as a musician in how to use blogs, YouTube™, Soundcloud™ and other platforms to share your work and skills development with others