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Year 10 Learning

Students begin the study of GCSE Media Studies in Year 10. The year focuses upon embedding students’ knowledge of media language and representation through a series of case studies. Through these case studies, students will also explore key media institutions and explore how media audiences shape the media but are also influenced by it. Finally, towards the end of the year, students will begin work on their production coursework.


Learning Cycle

Key Concepts

Autumn Term

TV Crime Drama

Students will explore the codes and conventions of TV Crime Drama through two specific case studies. This will focus embed key aspects of media language and representation, as well as introducing students to key institutions. Throughout this term, students will also be introduced to some of the set media texts, focusing upon analysis of media language and representation.

Spring Term

Music Videos

Students will study three music videos, along with their websites, exploring how key messages and meanings are constructed. Furthermore, students will explore how audiences are interacted with in the music industry. As with the Autumn Term, students will continue to study some of their set media texts. 

Summer Term


Students will begin researching and planning their film marketing coursework. This will include exploring the conventions of DVD covers, film posters and specific film genres. Alongside this unit, students will complete their study of the media set texts.