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Year 10 Learning

In Year 10 students develop an understanding of the way in which we grow and develop and the key milestones that occur during the life stages. Students develop a foundation of knowledge around factors effecting health and wellbeing; whilst also exploring health and social care services that support the health and wellbeing of others.



Key content


Component 1 Learning Aim A –

Understand human growth and development across the life stages and the factors that affect it.

  • PIES (physical, intellectual, emotional, social development)
  • Life stages (infancy up to later adulthood)
  • Milestones of the life stages
  • Factors that affect development


Component 1 Learning Aim B -Coping with changes caused by life events

  • Different types of life events (health and wellbeing, relationship changes, life circumstances)
  • Coping with the change caused by life events (character traits that influence how individuals cope, sources of support, types of support)


Component 2 Learning Aim A- Understand different types of health and social care services and barriers to accessing them.


Component 2 Learning Aim B - Understand the skills, attributes and values required to give care.


  • Health conditions
  • Health services
  • Social care and social care services
  • Additional care
  • Barriers to accessing services (physical, sensory, cultural, EAL, geographical, text and financial barriers)
  • Skills
  • Attributes
  • The 6 C’s
  • Obstacles individual my face who require care
  • The benefits to individuals of the skills, attributes and values in health and social care practice