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When World Book Day and New College Leicester Collide

On Thursday, 7th March, amidst the excitement of World Book Day, New College Leicester welcomed a special guest, author Mario Mugan, for an enriching experience that left students buzzing with creativity and enthusiasm. Mario Mugan, known for his captivating reality TV past and now acclaimed author of "The Phantom Pharaoh," graced the school with his presence, inspiring students from Year 7 to 9 to delve into the magical realm of storytelling.

Mario's visit wasn't just about promoting his literary creation; it was an interactive journey into the world of imagination and storytelling. His energetic demeanour and inclusive approach immediately captured the attention of the students, making the session not just educational but also thoroughly enjoyable.

One of the highlights of the day was Mario's engaging workshop, where he shared his personal journey from reality TV to becoming a published author. Students were fascinated by his experiences, gaining valuable insights into the creative process and the dedication required to pursue one's passions.


Archie, a Year 8 student, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "I enjoyed the author visit because it was high energy and very inclusive; he got us involved with several different tasks. When he read out the prologue of his book, it sounded really interesting and made me want to continue reading from there."

Miss Bapu, reflecting on the workshop, commended Mario for his outstanding delivery, stating, "Mario delivered an outstanding workshop to our KS3 students. He kept them engaged all the way throughout; starting with a brief introduction about himself and his time during the Big Brother house – this really captured students' interest and gave them an insight into Mario’s inspirations."

The highlight of Mario's visit was the reading of excerpts from his book, "The Phantom Pharaoh," which transported students into a world of adventure and mystery. The captivating narrative had students on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the secrets hidden within the pages.

Moreover, Mario facilitated a creative writing task that allowed students to unleash their imaginations and hone their storytelling skills. Through collaborative activities and audience performances, students not only expanded their vocabulary but also developed confidence in expressing their ideas.

Miss Bapu further emphasized the significance of Mario's visit, stating, "This was invaluable experience and exposure allowing students to develop confidence in becoming expert readers, writers, and speakers (which aligned perfectly with our curriculum intent). At the end of the session, the students were buzzing with enthusiasm and excitement. Thank you, Mario!"

Mario Mugan's visit to New College Leicester was not just a celebration of literature on World Book Day but also a testament to the power of storytelling in igniting young minds. His infectious energy and passion for writing left a lasting impression on students, inspiring them to embrace their creativity and embark on their own literary adventures. As the echoes of his visit linger in the halls of the school, one thing is clear – Mario Mugan has left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the students at New College Leicester.

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