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We're coming for you, Cornwall!

Last month, with help from Adaptable Travel, our students hit the road with Cornwall in their sights.

The trip would see them visit Tewkesbury Abbey and the Eden Project, with some fascinating links to history and incredible coastal Geography thrown in for good measure. They even got the chance to dip their toes in the sea!

Eden Project 02.jpg

Staying for one night in Padstow Bay at the Treyarnon YHA, the trip encouraged:

  1. A better understanding of coastal processes
  2. Knowledge around the importance of our biosphere, exploring a variety of biomes
  3. Development of team work and communication skills


The Eden Project

Eden Project 01.jpg

During their visit to the Eden Project, our students completed two educational workshops: ‘Biodiversity Bees and Me’ and ‘E-den-storm Patrol’.

These workshops promoted teamwork, problem-solving and communication – three important skills that will benefit them throughout their education, personal and, eventually, professional lives.

They also incorporated the 4 R’s: Respect, Responsibility, Resilience and Resourcefulness – the values that we, as a school, hold most dear.

Eden Project 03.jpg

The children thoroughly enjoyed their staycation, and wished they could have stayed longer. Here’s a selection of their comments:

“We have enjoyed this trip because we got to spend time with are friends …and got McDonald's! We found walking through the biomes at the Eden Project cool. Our favourite moment was playing on the beach. We learnt to be more independent and social, and we made friends in year 8.”


“I really enjoyed myself on this trip because we got to go on the beach and the hostel was an amazing place. I would recommend this to other year 8/9s as it is a great experience to learn about the importance of the environment. My best moment was that I spoke to people I wouldn’t normally speak to. I have made some new friends and I have bonded with new people. I learned that we should protect plants and wildlife more as we don’t realise how important they are.”


“I did enjoy the trip as it gave me more knowledge on my favourite subject, and I got to see differential erosion in person!”


“I would most definitely suggest this to the next year 8 and 9's. I would come again if I could, to be honest.”


“I learnt that it takes 2 million rose petals to make 1litre of rose oil!”


Jennifer Smith, Head of Department, has expressed her thanks to Adaptable Travel for supporting with the organisation of the trip, and to the Eden Project for its hospitality!

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