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Upcoming tours

Here are our live parental tours happening each half-term throughout 202-2024

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Live Tours Invite 2024 Spring 1.jpg
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Live Tours Invite 2024 Summer 1.jpg
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“I don’t want to leave this school!” – Year 6 student


“I was advised to visit New College by admissions and I am pleased that I did as you will be my first priority for secondary school application”


“I have looked at 3 different schools for my child and thought I had found the right school until I came to see your school today. This is my favourite school so far. I love what you offer on the curriculum and the staff are clearly passionate about teaching”


“I love the calm atmosphere in lessons and around the school. All the students were engaged in lessons which is encouraging to see”


“My wife made me come to this tour as I didn’t want my child to come to New College from what I’ve heard about it over the years. After having a proper look around your school and hearing about what you do here, I will be completing the admissions application tonight!”


“I love the way lessons are taught consistently all the way through from Year 7 to 11”


“There’s such a calm feeling around this school”


“It’s really interesting to see a Maths teacher brining numeracy into a DT lesson”


“You have amazing students!”


“Your students are very well behaved. Are they always like this?”


“It’s great to see all the students engaged in lessons”


“We would love to be young again so that we could come to this school!”

“I’m so glad I took the opportunity to come to the live tour because it gives me the opportunity to see the school for what it really is”


“I have a child who attends New College and the staff are always very supportive here”


“You have a great rewards system”