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The School Library

Here at New College Leicester, our library is at the heart of our school. It is in a centralised location and is for the use of all students and staff. We provide an array of up-to-date books, both fiction and non-fiction. The majority of our books are tailored to our reading scheme ‘Accelerated Reader’ so students can always choose a book suited to their reading ages. We also house a selection of books aimed at our KS4 and KS5 students to enable them to continue their love of reading.

In all we have over 16,000 books in our school library for students and staff to choose from. At New College Leicester, it is students who drive our love of reading forward; they have chosen the majority of books we have, and we continuously ask our students to tell us what they want to be reading. Our school librarian and Head of English work closely with all members of staff to ensure our library also supports each curriculum across our school.

We encourage and support students to become ‘Student Librarians’ and we conduct this process by inviting students to complete an application form and be interveiwed for the role; we believe this is a great opportunity for students to gain experience of applying for a job as well as being responsible and resourceful within school.

Our library is open all throughout the day and various activities take place; students can choose to come and silent read, use our computers for homework, take their accelerated reading test and there is also a chance for students to play educational games like ‘Scrabble’ and ‘chess’.

During the week, we are incredibly lucky to have volunteers that come into New College Leicester and work with a variety of students to improve their reading skills. This scheme is the ‘Better Reading Partnership’ and it encourages a more positive aspect of reading as well as helping our more reluctant readers.

Our library is open from 8am-4pm Monday to Thursday and until 3.30pm on Fridays. This allows our students to have the opportunity to use our facilities to complete their homework, or simply read in a quiet and calm surrounding.