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Support Links for Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural response, useful in helping people to avoid dangerous situations and motivating us to solve everyday issues. Anxiety can vary in severity from mild uneasiness through to terrifying panic attacks. It can vary in how long it lasts, from a few moments to many years. Anxiety disorder may be caused by environmental factors, medical factors, genetics, brain chemistry, substance abuse or a combination of these.

Indicators of anxiety include :

Physical effects such as palpitations, chest pain, rapid heart beat and flushing

Unrealistic and/or excessive fear and worry about past or future events

Mind racing or going blank

Difficulty making decisions


Avoidance of situations

Distress in social situations

Urges to escape situations that cause discomfort

Anxiety UK

An organisation that helps all those suffering with anxiety disorders.

No Panic

A registered charity that helps people who suffer from panic attacks, phobias, OCD and other anxiety related disorders.

OCD Action

Information and support for Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCDs) and related disorders.

CBT Online

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy self-help site