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Sports and Physical Activity

Over the last ten years New College Leicester, along with our partners, has successfully delivered a sports framework, placing the college at the heart of our community and at the centre of sports development within Leicester.  This allows us to benefit from state of the arts sports facilities which are currently unrivalled in the secondary school sector.

Alongside this, we have transformed the education provided here by raising the self-belief and confidence of young people using the provision of high quality physical education and sport.  We firmly believe that sport and physical activity not only lead to a healthier physical wellbeing, but also provides wider wellbeing benefits such as instilling a sense of belonging.  Sports has the power to excite and inspire us all.

New College Leicester will continue to prioritise sport and physical activity as part of our philosophy of providing an education which prepares our young people for the challenges of the 21st century.  Our newly developed priorities for sport and physical activity will focus on supporting young people in terms of physical and mental wellbeing alongside developing them as individuals.  It is delivering these priorities what will help the college provide a rounded education that will create resilience and confident young people.

The progress made over the years affirms our belief that sport and physical activity have the power to change people’s lives.