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Science website addresses for educational resources: - Username: student@newparks2377   Password: ogworxpn6

This website contains interactive versions of all the required practical's for students to work through experiments, analyse result and apply their findings.  Science revision flash cards for key recall are also available through this site.  It also contains key knowledge for KS3 and 4. - excellent revision resource. - excellent revision resources for science and maths

Science is a vital subject in today’s modern technological society. Students will learn and practice both applying knowledge and demonstrating skills during their time studying Science over the five years.

At New College Leicester we aim to deliver lessons which are engaging, interesting and challenge students to think about the world they live in, so they become competent young scientists. 

Students will study content from all three of the Science disciplines; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. During their learning journey they will discover links between KS3 and KS4 science enabling them to aspire to succeed in their GCSE examinations.

Science is taught by a team of specialist teachers with a wide and extensive range of knowledge. The teachers have high expectations and high aspirations for the students they teach. The faculty is exceptionally well resourced ensuring the curriculum is delivered with plenty of opportunities for practical learning.

New College Leicester is a fully inclusive school which is why we offer multiple courses in Science at GCSE. We offer both a combined Science course worth two GCSE’s and a triple course worth three GCSE’s, to ensure all students are challenged to achieve their potential.

Science is offering a 5 year fluid curriculum, that is delivered with a 3 year KS3 flowing into a 2 year KS4, where some students may accelerate onto their KS4 pathways as appropriate in their learning journeys.