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“Exploring core scientific knowledge to expand horizons”


Welcome to Science

Science is a vital subject in today’s modern technological society, At New College Leicester students will cement their learning of all three of the Science disciplines; Biology, Chemistry and Physics via the delivery a 5 year fluid curriculum, that is delivered with a 3 year KS3 flowing into AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy/Separate Science, where some students may accelerate onto their KS4 pathways as appropriate in their learning journeys, to ensure all students are challenged to achieve their potential.

The Science curriculum is designed to develop a core base of knowledge in each of the Science disciplines, creating a thirst for knowledge in students and encourage students to persevere and be critical thinkers, by being challenged by expert teachers who deliberately address the common misconceptions harboured in Science via well planned explanations and modelling, building on the wider world knowledge students bring with them into the classroom. We develop students thinking to be open-minded, to be able to debate a wide range of ethical stances faced within the development of Science and technological advancements both in the curriculum and wider world to challenge students to think about the world they live in, so they become competent young scientists, able to confidently apply their learning in broader contexts, including a range of careers and harnessing the skills needed for employability to extend it’s application in their future endeavours such as A-Levels, degrees, apprenticeships or BTEC courses.

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