Science week here at New College Leicester

Last week in New College Leicester’s Science Department, KS3 students took part in off-timetable Science lessons where they completed several practicals around this Year’s theme of Science week “Our Diverse Planet”.

Students were first introduced to the theme in tutor time where they were involved in discussing what was meant by Diversity and how this linked to our planet. Students could then enter for prizes by completing the tutor group quizzes, the tutor group with the highest score got a prize.

Students participated in three themed lessons on; Bath bombs, Finger printing and Hovercrafts. The bath bombs lesson included students making their own bath bombs and seeing which one fizzed for the longest time! The finger printing lessons got students to act as detectives and use corn flour and cocoa powder to collect and observe finger prints to work out who the culprit was! The Hovercraft lesson allowed students to make their own Hovercraft from balloons and CD’s.

Students have had a really active week in Science and have had the opportunity to get involved with some new Science they haven’t seen before.


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