Religious Education

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In Religious Education we are creating students who are culturally aware, diverse, tolerant and respectful of other people’s religious backgrounds, heritage and identity.

In RE students:

  • Are aware of different ethnicities, cultures and identities within their local community.
  • Can build tolerance and respect about other ethnicities, cultures and identities through an increasing breadth and depth of knowledge.
  • Are conscious of other people backgrounds and heritage and ask inquisitive questions to learn more.

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All students receive Religious Education throughout their school career as it is a vital subject that affects all our lives directly and indirectly. Lessons are delivered to provide students with a range of religious, ethical and global issues from the perspective of a number of world religions. Students are encouraged to consider these issues from their own perspective and compare their views to the views of others.

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A useful book for students studying the AQA A Spec Religious Education can be purchased here.