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Religious Education

“At New College Leicester we develop students to be religiously literate; to celebrate religious beliefs, engage in respectful dialogue and to enable them to thrive for life in multicultural Britain.”

Welcome to RE

At New College Leicester, we want our students to be the best they can be. A common misconception of most RE or Philosophy & Ethics courses might be that you will just learn about the existence of God, and the impact a deity would have on the world. However, students get to study Ethics too, where they look at questions such as “Is life sacred, and why?”. The curriculum will help to develop responsibility and respect for all aspects of diversity, whether social, cultural and religious, and prepare students well for life in modern Britain.

The course enables students to become more open minded, and able to tackle modern day dilemmas. Nowadays, individuals are able to express their views via social media, so through developing this open mindedness and being more accepting of opinions, students develop a greater sense of tolerance and respect. Religious Studies here at New College Leicester gives our students the opportunity to voice their own opinions on the subject on Religious matters but whilst being respectful to others opinions and beliefs around them.

An education in Religious Studies opens doors to students. It may offer the opportunity to specialise in a specific field of religious studies such as political science, philosophy and the law which lead to a wide range of industries such as business, government, medicine, non-profit, counselling, careers within the law and lecturing.

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