Pupils get creative for Performance Week

For one week in June, we welcomed creative professionals into our school to work with our students on a number of music and arts related projects.

And we travelled around a bit ourselves, to see where the magic happens...


On Tuesday 21st June, our school was visited by Musicians from Soft Touch Arts and the Philharmonia Orchestra, and students from across the school spent time creating a brand-new piece of music using instruments they might not have played before.


Each student selected an instrumental section to focus on in the session, working with professional Musicians to compose their own part for a performance.

As a result, some students have been selected to take part in a five-day summer school project, to work on three or more tracks to perform during the summer holidays.

The students that attended the session embraced the opportunity to put their creative foot first, and said:

“I’ve always wanted to give the violin a go.”

“The musicians told me about how you can see the world and different countries being a Musician.”

“I enjoyed making a piece of music in the short time we had.”

“The Trombone is my favourite.” 


Leap Orchestra De Monfort Hall

On Wednesday 22nd June, our Year 7 students had the chance to visit De Montfort Hall to watch the Leap Orchestra play classics from a range of popular genres – including pop, rock, classical and reggae – as well as well-known film soundtracks.

Leap Orchestra De Monfort Hall.jpg

With the orchestra often fusing technology into a full performance, our students were up dancing and singing along and enjoyed seeing an orchestra in a whole new light.

They got to hear and learn more about different instruments in the orchestra, gaining a better understanding of how learning and playing music is vital in life.

Student comments included:

“I never knew what a tuba sounded like”

“I loved the cello”

“I didn’t know most of the songs, but it was really good and I would see an orchestra again.” 


Feel Good Summer Project

On Thursday 23rd June, our year 9 students took part in animation and music workshops that are linked with a summer programme looking at University and Higher Education.

Feel Good Summer Lessons.jpg

All the students in the year group were given the opportunity to work with musicians and artists from Pedestrian Arts and Soft Touch Arts which has inspired them to think about their academic futures.

Some of the student’s comments included:

“I’m Interested to visit a university in the summer to see what I can do.”

“It was interesting to find out about the different art degrees I could study.”

“I learnt how to sample and want to attend the summer sessions.” 


Peri Lessons

This year, our students have enjoyed a variety of peri lessons from visiting teachers.

Over the course, they have had the opportunity to play the violin, viola, cello, double bass, bass guitar and piano.

Peri Lessons.jpg

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