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Physical Education

“Hands, Head, Heart”




Welcome to PE

In PE we create a love of learning by offering new innovative sports and activities alongside the more traditional. Students develop both their practical and theoretical skills in a wide range of sports. We ensure inclusivity, promoting lessons which are based on participation, respect and an ‘I can mentality’. Students who are reflective and show creativity in their learning make progress and exceed in what they do. 

PE at New College Leicester consists of practical and theory lessons, as well as an extensive extra-curricular programme and trips to reward and embed learning. Within years 7, 8 and 9 students will cover a wide range of sports and practical activities, developing their practical skills as well as their knowledge and understanding of techniques and tactics. These are then built upon in years 10 and 11 core PE with a focus on lifelong participation. Students will also be given several opportunities to develop their leadership skills, volunteering at primary sport competitions and festivals.

Our unique theory curriculum allows us to deliver a bespoke curriculum to KS3, based on local context, alongside preparing students for the option of BTEC Sport in KS4. Students will cover topics such as Nutrition, Fitness and Musculoskeletal system. If students choose to take BTEC Sport as an option in KS4 they will study the Pearson BTEC Tech Award in Sport.

What is the correct PE kit?

All students must wear:

  • Purple polo shirt with the New College logo, purchased from Schoolwear Solutions, Uniform Direct or the PE office
  • Plain black shorts/tracksuit bottoms (no leggings or cycling shorts allowed)
  • Trainers
  • Football boots (optional)
  • Optional purple sweatshirt or hoody with the New College logo, purchased from Schoolwear Solutions or Uniform Direct
  • Hijabs/headscarves must be secured without pins and tucked in to clothing
  • All jewellery is to be removed


Correct PE kit must be worn to every lesson, even if excused from PE (see below).


What do I do if I cannot do PE?


You must bring a note and still wear your PE kit. This is so students can take on a leadership or official role safely.


For further information please contact Miss Clark at