Performing Arts

The Extended Diploma is a two-year, full-time course and is ideal for students with a keen interest in the Performing Arts.

Learners on this course will develop their skills as a performer, including learning specific skills relevant to actors and dancers in addition to developing and enhancing their skills as directors and choreographers.

Students will work collaboratively throughout their course as part of the New College Leicester Performing Arts Company to create and stage full-scale performing arts productions.

The core units provide a solid foundation of the knowledge and skills that are required for a career in the Performing Arts. These units also develop a breadth of transferable skills, such as communication skills, research techniques, leadership attributes and an ability to work effectively as a team.

The core units are:

• Developing Skills and Techniques for Live Performance

• Employment Opportunities in the Performing Arts

• Final Live Performance to an Audience

• Group Performance Workshop

• Individual Performance Commission

• Investigating Practitioners Work

• Performing Arts in the Community

Students will also study 6 specialist units to refine and enhance specific skills. The units studied will be bespoke to cater to the interests and needs of students in the group. Options include:

• Acting Styles

• Children’s Theatre Performance

• Choreography for Live Performance

• Contemporary Dance Technique

• Jazz Dance Technique

• Physical Theatre Techniques

• Screen Acting

• Site Specific Performance

• Street Dance Technique

• Theatre Directing

The course is assessed through a variety of practical and theoretical methods. These include written assignments, live performances, workshop performances, student led presentations and practical tasks such as leadership activities.

Due to the modular nature of the course learners need to maintain a high level of attendance and work with self-discipline throughout as assessments take place regularly during the two-years.

Learners may progress to a full-time Level 4 or 5 qualification to study Performing Arts as a Diploma or Degree at one of the many vocational Performing Arts institutions or universities in the UK. Alternatively, students may choose to pursue a coaching qualification to enable them to work with young people or adults.