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Performing Arts Tech

Students can select to study Performing Arts Tech in year 9. This enables greater exploration of the production elements in theatre. Throughout the year, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of a set designer, lighting technician and designer and costumes. Students have opportunities to apply the skills learn through being actively involved in the non-performer roles in performances and concerts.

Students have 2 lessons a fortnight.




Key content

Autumn Term


Set and lighting design

  • Learn key skills and responsibilities of a set and lighting designer
  • Learn and use equipment to create designs
  • Develop lighting and set designs which use a range to tones and materials for effect
  • Explore and create set designs for a brief

Spring Term


Designing for concerts

  • Learn how to adapt lighting techniques for a concert performance.
  • Learn how to cue lights to influence atmosphere and mood
  • How to adapt and develop stage plans for concerts from theatres
  • Develop awareness of textures and materials used in dance costumes
  • Analyse and present design ideas through presentations


Summer Term

Designing a brief

  • Develop steps to take when devising a performance
  • Specialise in production area to enhance skills and responsibilities 
  • Explore a purpose and intention in a design, linking back to a brief
  • Explore how to use improvisation in designs to judge potential
  • Develop designs and create production areas for whole school performances.