Welcome to the Music Department

We believe music is a universal language where learners will be positive performers, confident composers and inspired listeners.

Our purpose is to:

  1. To provide a breadth of opportunities to students to engage in cultural and artistic activities.
  2. Offer opportunities for students to experience excellence in arts and culture
  3. To achieve outstanding outcomes

All students in year 7 & 8 have a music lesson equivalent to a 50minute weekly.

In year 9 students are given the opportunity to study music through the creative arts pathways alongside 2 other arts subjects. Students have a 1hour 40minute equivalent weekly lesson.

In year 10 and 11, students study the BTEC Tech award in Music performance. Students have a 1hour 40minute equivalent weekly lesson.

All year groups are taught mixed ability and work is differentiated to meet the needs of individual students.

Extra- Curricular

In addition to the curriculum time at New College Leicester, we also offer an extra-curricular program. We have stretch and challenge opportunities. Concerts and performance every half term and we run a variety of trips to see musicals and concerts. We also work closely with Leicestershire Music Service to provide tuition and instrumental development.


  • Lunch – Choir
  • After school – Musical theatre


  • Lunch – Stretch and challenge double bass project


  • Lunch – Upper string lessons


  • Lunch – Music technology club
  • After school – Key stage 4 coursework support sessions

For further information please contact Mr Francis Matthews at