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“Nurturing creative, ambitious and independent performers, composers and listeners who celebrate cultural diversity”


Welcome to Music

“Music is all around us. It is the soundtrack to our lives. Music connects us through people and places in our ever-changing world. It is creative, collaborative, celebratory, and challenging”

DFE Music March 2021

“Creativity and culture have a particular role to play… they allow us to reflect and comment on society, to better understand our own lives and those of others”

Arts Council England, Strategy 2020 – 2030

Welcome to the music department where our purpose is to provide a breadth of opportunities to students to engage in cultural and artistic activities, offer opportunities for students to experience excellence in music performance, composition and appraising, and achieve outstanding outcomes through subject and instrumental examinations.

The curriculum aims to inspire creativity through composition and improvisation. Students can express themselves culturally exploring a diverse range of styles/genres from across the world to appreciate the beauty of the art form. Students show self-discipline by undertaking roles are composers, arrangers, and producers.

Students are encouraged to be independent learners and to take ownership over their music education. New College Leicester removes barriers by subsidising all music lessons to make them accessible to all learners. Students craft instrumental skills inside and outside of lessons through ensembles, allowing learners to work as a team towards performances.

The curriculum is ambitious and learners can pick a pathway through the music industry. The Key Stage 3 curriculum is well-rounded, developing traditional instrumental interest and technology understanding. Year 9 learners can develop their interest in a discipline through specialising in one pathway. During Key Stage 4, learners can opt for either the performance or production pathway to gain a grade in the BTEC TECH Award in Music Practice. 

The curriculum is accompanied by ensemble opportunities offered by the Leicestershire Music Service, Bull Frog Arts, Pedestrian Arts, Private Teachers, and Soft Touch Arts. We are passionate about developing the ‘I can’ attitude and students are encouraged to take part in the Whole school productions twice a year and termly concerts in school and at other venues around the country. 

For further information about the curriculum or Instrumental lessons please contact Miss G Tutty at