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MFL websites for educational resources:

  • DuoLingo – You can download the DuoLingo app for free on any smart phone, tablet or PC. It is free to download and register. Once registered, you select which language(s) you wish to practice, select your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and begin practising your vocabulary, grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing. The app will then send you daily reminders to go on and complete a challenge.

  • Active Learn – All homework in MFL is set via ActiveLearn. You can access ActiveLearn via the website: You then log on using your username and password assigned to you by your MFL teacher. Your teacher can assign a variety of tasks such as vocabulary, listening, reading or even grammar.

“You live a new life, for every language you speak”
Czech proverb

Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Department at New College Leicester

The MFL department aims to develop pupils’ understanding, acceptance and value of different languages and cultures. We are a team of enthusiastic linguists who speak various languages such as French, Spanish, Polish, Italian and German. We use our enthusiasm to develop pupils’ communication skills, confidence and resilience. We support other subjects by using languages as a way to improve literacy and oracy and help guide them to success. We also celebrate international languages and encourage all members of the New College community to promote the use of the 51 different languages spoken here.

Useful Websites

To support students in their learning all students in years 7 to have access to ActiveLearn. We use this as a valuable revision tool and sometimes to set homework. is a useful online dictionary that can help support your child when completing their homework.

We provide students, for whom English is an additional language, the opportunity to take a GCSE in their home language. We are currently offering Arabic, Polish, Greek, Persian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, German, Italian, Urdu and Turkish GCSEs. For further information, speak to one of the MFL staff.

Learning a foreign language is very important. Languages improve the quality of students’ lives and their understanding of how other people live and think. It may also improve their ability to find a job with many employers now looking for employees with language skills.

Languages for life! Languages for all!

Has your child downloaded the Duolingo app? Duolingo is an excellent tool to help with revision and improving speaking skills. Your child can track their own progress by following the step by step guide.