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Modern Foreign Languages - Spanish


GCSE Spanish


Pearson Edexcel Level 1/Level 2 GCSE (9-1) in Spanish

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Link to specification from September 2024: GCSE (9-1) Spanish Specification - Issue 1 (

An introduction to the course

The Spanish GCSE is a two-year course and is one of the subjects required for the English Baccalaureate. The course begins in Year 10, during which you will further develop your skills in listening, speaking, reading, writing, translation and application of grammar. You will also deepen your cultural understanding of Spanish-speaking countries. The course is only available to pupils who have studied Spanish through their chosen Expressive Arts Pathway in Year 9.

What the course involves

As well as building on topic areas already met earlier in Year 9, the course introduces further relevant and interesting subjects, which can be seen in the breakdown below:

Year 10 Year 11
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Your region
  • My studies
  • Education Post-16
  • Life at school/college
  • Career choices and ambitions
  • Me, my family and friends
  • Social issues
  • Free time activities
  • Global issues
  • Customs and Festivals

How the course is assessed

You will take four exams at the end of Year 11 in each of the four skills you have worked on during the course. The weightings are as follows:

  • Listening 25%
  • Reading 25%
  • Speaking 25%
  • Writing 25%

Career Opportunities

The Spanish GCSE is highly regarded by colleges, universities and employers. Having a GCSE in a foreign language, therefore, can provide a gateway to a wide variety of A-level and degree courses both with and without a language, such as Law, Business, Economics, Travel and Tourism, Education, Translating and Interpreting. Furthermore, employees with a language qualification are more likely to earn a higher salary than those without. According to a study by the British Council, Spanish has emerged as the most important language in the UK due to the emerging economies of the Americas creating work and business opportunities for Spanish speakers.

Post-16 opportunities

The Spanish GCSE will help prepare you for your studies after your GCSEs, no matter what you go on to study. The top three advantages of studying a language are: better decision-making skills, increased attention span and increased ability to multitask.  Furthermore, you will often experience what studying a language at A-Level involves.

Required resources/equipment for the course

You are not required to purchase any materials, as dictionaries and textbooks will be provided in class. You will be set up with a free Pearson Active Learn account, with which you can access homework and resources to practise listening and reading skills. Spanish-English dictionaries and revision guides can be purchased from the college.

For further information contact:

Mr Hepworth-Adcock (Head of MFL) or your MFL teacher.