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Media Studies

An introduction to the course

Media Studies is a popular and successful course at New College Leicester. In 2021, the media plays an ever-increasing role in our lives- the influences of social media, the development of digital technology and the conflicting views and reports we read in newspapers. In order to make sense and thrive in an ever media-dominated world, it is vital for young people to have a developed understanding of the industry itself. Throughout the two-year programme, we aim to make students professionals in the field of media- enabling them to gain a critical insight in the productions, processes and institutions of the ever-evolving media industry.

What the course involves

Throughout the course, students will study a range of media texts from a variety of mediums: film, TV, newspapers, magazines, the music industry and video games. The course content is focused around set media texts: such as Luther, The Sun newspaper, the James Bond Franchise and Fortnite. However, they are also required to have an in-depth knowledge of the institutions behind the set texts- thus providing the opportunity for students to hone their independent research skills.

Media Studies is both an academic subject and practical subject. Students will develop their analytical writing skills, apply critical media theory and broaden their understanding of the media industry at large. As well as this, there will be the opportunity to hone your creative skills by creating a marketing campaign for a film.

How the course is assessed

The course is assessed by two examinations and one production task. Each paper is worth 35% and tests students' abilities to decode texts, explore representation, apply historical contexts, evaluate the ways audiences respond to texts and comment on key media institutions behind the set texts.

The production coursework, worth 30%, involves students producing marketing materials for a film that is set out by the exam board. This tests students' understanding of different media forms, genre and also their ability to create specific representations. They will have access to computers during this time, as well as cameras to take original images to support their production.

Career Opportunities

Due to the nature of the subject, upon completion of the course, Media Studies students can access a range of courses and career paths. These include advertising, radio, computer gaming, public relations, film, journalism, television, theatrical make-up and costume design.

Post-16 opportunities

Media Studies at GCSE enables students to either continue their study of Media Studies at post-16, or hone in on specific topics such as Journalism or Film Studies. The analytical writing skills also support the study of English Literature at post-16.

Required resources/equipment for the course

A sound knowledge of ICT and literacy are key skills required to study Media. There will be multiple opportunities for students to develop your ICT skills throughout the course.

Link to the exam board and syllabus:

For further information contact:

Mr Butler (Head of English and Media Studies), Ms Curtis (Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Media Studies or Miss Collier (Teacher of Media Studies).