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Media Studies

"Students will understand the impact of: media manipulation; the making of the media and the monitoring of the media"

Welcome to Media Studies

In Media, we develop students to become reflective, critical thinkers on the world of modern media. We want to create students who are able to critique the ways in which the media can construct representations and create meaning. Thus, we want to create students that are open-minded and able to reflect on the extent to which what they are reading, watching or listening to is a true reflection of reality. In doing so, students themselves will be able to use media language to construct their own media texts- as well as improving students’ communication skills both in terms of media texts and also in comminating analysis and interpretations clearly. Finally, we develop students to have a thirst for knowledge through the selection of media texts and examples that are constantly up-to-date. The media is ever-evolving, and therefore the media curriculum must react and respond to these changes. Subsequently, our curriculum is fluid- introducing modern issues and concerns that reflect the contemporary and up-to-date nature of the modern media.

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