Media Studies

Welcome to Media Studies

In Media Studies, we are committed to create professionals in the field of media. Media Studies is an ever-evolving subject: one that reacts to the changes and advancements in technology, the changes in society and the issues and concerns of modern day. As such, we seek to equip out students with the skills, knowledge and expertise to keep up with the fast-paced world of the 21st Century.

Central to our curriculum are six threshold concepts. These underpin all aspects of the media and, as such, our curriculum is about making our students experts in each and every one of them

Our Threshold Concepts:

1. All media texts exist in context.

All media texts exist in a moment in time. They are influenced by what has gone before, what is happening now and what could happen in the future. Changes in the world, science, technology, business and the economy impact upon media ownership, production, distribution and marketing.

2. Media language is used to construct messages for audiences

Across all aspects of media, media language is used to convey meaning, construct messages and manipulate audiences. An awareness of these, how they’re used and the implications of them is vital in effectively creating media products.

3. Our construct of the world is shaped by the representations we see in the media.

Across all aspects of the media, platforms re-present the world and construct versions of reality. Using media language, media texts can manipulate representations and transform how audiences consume the product.

4.  Media Industries play a key role in influencing and shaping audiences’ viewpoints.

All media is owned and controlled by media organisations, that control the production processes and influences of the text. Because of this, and the overwhelming control media industries can have, the media is regulated by organisational bodies that hold these media industries and conglomerates to account.

5. The production of media texts requires thoughtful consideration to its desire representations and messages.

Practical production is influenced by media language and representation; and is used to convey purposely constructed stereotypes, messages and beliefs.

6. The audience and media have a symbiotic relationship

The audience is shaped and influenced by the media, products and what they receive. However, the media, too, is influenced by its audience, changes and concerns. Successful texts navigate this symbiotic relationship.

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