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Mathematics website addresses of educational resources: - all students are used to this website, and teachers have been ensuring all know the access information.  - excellent revision resources for science and maths. - excellent maths resources. - Brilliant for graded GCSE questions and solutions. - fantastic resources and videos.

Welcome to the Mathematics Faculty at New College Leicester.

The Mathematics Faculty is a team of passionate teachers who all share a keen interest in their subject. It is our aim to share this with our students and to develop not only talented mathematicians but also a lifelong appreciation of the subject for all.

The Mathematics team work in a collaborative and supportive environment and are dedicated to developing an innovative curriculum that offers learners accessibility and challenge. The faculty is well resourced with access to a variety of technologies in the classroom, scientific and graphical calculators, interactive whiteboards, visualisers, subscriptions to specialist websites and software, to enable students to explore the subject further.