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LCFC Experience Renders Year 7 Students ‘Speechless’

Even before the Leicester City squad had taken to the pitch, our 26 year 7 students who were at the club for a special visit were overwhelmed just by entering the King Power Stadium and seeing it in its glory prior to the start of a crucial match against Wolves.

LCFC 111

This was no ordinary visit to watch a Premier League football match. Our year 7s had first been put through their paces in a training session lasting one and a half hours. To replenish all the used-up energy, they then tucked into a meal delivered for them by Pizza Hut before heading out to watch the match.

Indeed, with both Wolves and LCFC fighting to stay in the Premier League this was a match both teams needed to win to put the relegation battle behind them. No surprise then that the quality of the football did not disappoint. With Wolves going ahead after 13 minutes, a penalty for LCFC when Vardy was brought down in the box, scored by Iheanacho, and the final decisive winner from Timothy Castagne, a great performance saw the Foxes move out of the bottom three. This crucial win gave the LCFC fans something to shout about and the atmosphere at the ground was electric.

Our year 7s were fortunate to be there to watch what we hope will be the key match in returning LCFC to winning ways and to share this memorable experience.

We also hope the visit gave our students an insight into the world of professional football and the many careers available in sport.


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