Key Stage 4


The students at New College Leicester will study the Edexcel GCSE Citizenship course.

An introduction to the course:

Citizenship Studies is about how people take an active part in democratic politics and work together for a better society, locally, nationally and globally. During this GCSE course, you will learn about your rights, roles and responsibilities as a young citizen in Britain and in the world by undertaking a social action campaign of your choice. This subject is very compatible with English and History and will add an extra dimension of knowledge to enhance these areas.  

What the course involves:

The course will comprise of the following topics:

  • Theme A: Living together in the UK
  • Theme B: Democracy at work in the UK
  • Theme C: Law and justice
  • Theme D: Power and influence
  • Theme E: Taking Citizenship Action

How the course is assessed:

The course will be assessed through 2 exams which are sat at the end of year 11 covering the topics shown below:

Paper 1 – 50% of GCSE grade: Themes A-C

Paper 2 – 50% of GCSE grade: Themes D-E with one question that comes from either Theme A, B or C.

Career Opportunities:

Skills learned in Citizenship are highly transferrable, students that have taken Citizenship have gone to read Law and Politics at University, some have trained to become police officers and paramedics. This course is an excellent foundation for anyone wishing to pursue a career in law, journalism, the media, international relations, politics or the civil service.

Post-16 opportunities:

This subject leads into both Law and Politics at A Level and lends itself well to A levels in History, English, Film Studies, Media, Psychology and International Relations. It is the perfect choice if you are interested in the DofE Award as you can use your action as evidence to support this award.

Required resources/equipment for the course:

There are no requirements for this course, an interest in law and current affairs is useful as is an interest in active campaigning.

For further information contact:

Mrs Shortland (Head of Citizenship)