Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students examine a range of beliefs that exist in the UK today. Students go on to look at issues around animal rights, media and scientific explanations of the universe.

In Year 8, students study issues around crime and punishment and consider what punishments are appropriate in modern Britain as well as the different religious and non-religious arguments. Students also look at issues on drug abuse and get a chance to examine the views that people hold around the issue of life and death.

In Year 9, students explore the issues around early life and relationships, looking at the religious perspectives on each.  Students will then look at issues such as war and peace and evil and suffering from a religious viewpoint as well as exploring their own views.

An outline of what students will study during their time at New College Leicester throughout Key Stage 3 is set out in the table below:


Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Autumn Term

Introduction to RE

Religious attitudes to crime and punishment

Religion and early life

Religion and relationships

Spring Term

Religion and animal rights
Religion and science

Religious attitudes to drug abuse
Religious attitudes to the elderly and death


Religion, war and peace

Summer Term

Religion in the media

Religious attitudes to rich and poor in British society

Religion and the problem of evil and suffering