Key Stage 3

Citizenship in the Curriculum: Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8, and 9 Citizenship is taught the Personal Development Curriculum. The National Curriculum requirements for citizenship can be found here: http://

PD Curriculum:

Year 7

Rights and equalities:

What are British Values and where have they come from?

What is Citizenship? 

What are Human Rights?

Defending our rights

Year 8

Democracy and Government:

How does the political system work?

Who runs the country?

Year 9

Fairness and Justice:

What is a crime?

What is the Criminal Justice System?

What can we do to prevent crime?

Students engage with active participation and the key concepts important to citizenship education. The key concepts are:

Statutory NC Citizenship requirements (taken from ACT)

Knowledge and Concepts Skills Experiences (Action)
Democracy and Government Researching and interrogating evidence, thinking critically Classroom and wider school
Rights and Equalities Debating political questions, presenting arguments and evaluating viewpoints In the community
Fairness and Justice Taking Informed action In public and democratic life