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College Results

Please select a link below for more information on our 2018, 2017 and 2016 results:

2018 Results
2017 Results
2016 Results

2017 Results

GCSE and P16 Results 2017

New GCSE grades is a short Department for Education YouTube video that explains what the new GCSE grades mean and why these have changed.

Please also visit the Department for Education’s campaign page for further information.

2016 Results

GCSE and P16 Results 2016

Progress 8 is a short Department for Education YouTube video that explains the new Government’s Progress 8 measure of school performance.



E-Safety Evening
Advice to parents about gangs
Safeguarding Policy September 2018
Blue Whale social media game – warning for parents
Online safety advice for parents
Overview of safeguarding at New College Leicester
Parents Guide to Preventing Extremism
FGM Information
Child Protection Guidance for Parents and Carers
Keeping children safe – Information for Parents and Carers
Child Sexual Exploitation – Information for Parents and Carers
Staff Safeguarding Training Overview
At New College Leicester the safety of our students at all times is of paramount importance to us. Every student at New College Leicester has been given a “How to stay safe” card. The card has been designed so that students can keep it with them at all times for their reference. This card has important information on it as to how students can stay safe in college, at home, in the community, on-line and near water, fire, roads and railways. If your child needs a replacement copy of the “How to stay safe” card please do not hesitate to contact your child’s Form Tutor: How to stay safe card

Student Personal Development and Wellbeing at New College Leicester:

Equality Objective
Overview of Student Personal Development and Wellbeing


May 2019 – Newsletter
April 2019 Part 2 – Newsletter
April 2019 Part 1 – Newsletter
December 2018 Part 3 – Newsletter
December 2018 Part 2 – Newsletter
December 2018 Part 1 – Newsletter
July 2018 – Newsletter
March 2018 – Newsletter
December 2017 – Newsletter
July 2017 – Newsletter
April 2017 – Newsletter
Community Development Project Newsletter
Community Volunteer Newsletter


Year 8 HPV 2nd dose
Hampton Court Palace trip
Yr9 Parents Evening
How to support your child to study evening Yr7 & 8
Year 9 tetanus booster letter
Year 9 and 10 Parent App meeting
Year 7 Parents Evening
Drop off and collection point information for parents/carers


Equipment Expectations
Uniform Expectations and Consequences
Acceptable Uniform Leaflet
New Uniform Supplier for New College Leicester
John Cheatle Schoolwear relocation information

Ofsted Report

Ofsted Report Press Article

Ofsted Report: 21-22 November 2017



Your Views
Parent View allows parents the chance to share their views about how well the college is doing and what we can do to improve. Parent View asks for your opinion on 12 aspects from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour. Click on the Parent View logo to the right for more details.

Help your children to achieve their best in their GCSEs

Support your child to do their best in exams and test

Reading at Secondary School – A website about reading at secondary school and how parents can support their children


For more information about Special Educational Needs and the services we offer, please click on this link which will take you to the Inclusion page: Inclusion Faculty

British Values

British values at New College Leicester are based on our college values: British Values



Student Feedback University Trips
Student Voice in Action – what the students want
Parental Feedback 2017-18
Parental Feedback 2016-17
Parental Feedback 2015-16

Student trips/residentials

Students trips/residentials 2017/18
Students trips/residentials 2016/17

Extra-curricular opportunities

Extra-curricular opportunities – All the extra-curricular activities from all departments for spring term 2.

PE extra-curricular activities – All the after school extra-curricular activities from the PE department 2018-19.


Year 11 Revision Timetable

Year 11 revision timetable
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