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Business Studies

Mr Patel

Business Studies is a dynamic course that prepares students for the demands of the 21st century by introducing them to the world of business.

Although it is an academic subject, Business Studies is practical, applied and exciting. It prepares students with many life skills such as communication, problem solving, time management, team work and decision making. Whether your aim is to pursue an academic career, train for a profession or become an entrepreneur the necessary knowledge and skills will be provided.


Key Stage 4

In KS4 Year 9 students have the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of enterprise and how it influences our everyday lives. Students follow a programme which allows them to investigate and analyse how businesses are developed and operated. Students develop their knowledge of the business and enterprise sector ready for KS4 in Years 10 and 11. During Year 9 they do not undertake any formal recognised qualification. However students have the opportunity to gain skills on assignment writing, research and preparation so they can navigate their way through the GCSE courses.

Year 10 students are doing the BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise.

Year 11 students are working towards a Level 2 BTEC in Business, equivalent to a GCSE. Both qualifications offer a secure foundation for further study and the world of work.

The topics covered are:

Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Business activity
3 Components:

  • Component 1 – Exploring Enterprises
  • Component 2 – Planning for and running an Enterprise
  • Component 3 – Promotion and Finance for an Enterprise
Finance – exam worth 25% of final grade
Customer service – coursework worth 25% of final grade


Key Stage 5

We also offer Business Studies at Key Stage 5 (Post 16). The Level 3 BTEC National in Business encourages young people to develop their skills and investigate the world of business through ‘real life’ projects in marketing, communication and recruitment.

The topics covered are:

Post 16
Business environment
Business resources
Introduction to marketing
Business communication
Recruitment and selection
Starting a small business


For a link to the course specification, please click here.


Thank you,

Mr C Patel – Head of Business Studies


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