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Welcome to the Music Department at New College Leicester.

At New College Leicester every student in Key Stage 3 studies music. In year 9 students that have selected the music creative arts pathway study music for 2 hours per week and in years 10 to 11 students are given the opportunity to study music further through the BTEC Tech award in Music Performance Level 1 and 2 for 5 hours per fortnight. All year groups are taught mixed ability classes and work is differentiated to meet the needs of individual students.

Students start in Year 7 developing their performance, composition, listening and appraising skills through exploring how to read music, the elements of music, musical theatre, instrumental and vocal skills. The curriculum is linked closely with the national curriculum and allows all learners to explore a wide range of instrumentation, a broad range of musical styles and cultures. It encourages creativity whilst always developing the personal skills and qualities such as teamwork, confidence, problem solving, independence and resilience. Every single student has the opportunity to perform in Key Stage 3 in the across school Christmas concert and those that choose music in Key Stage 4 in a large scale performance.

Key Stage 3

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn Term How to read music World music with rhythms
World music pitch
Elements of music
Musical performance skills
Spring Term The elements of music Instrumental skills
Improvisation and the Blues
Introduction to music composition
Introduction to music technology
Summer Term Instruments and keyboard skills
Musical Theatre
Basslines, hooks and riffs
Singing skills through Musical Theatre
Component 1: Exploring Musical Products and Styles

Key Stage 4

BTEC Level 1/Level 2 First Award in Music specification (Qualification Number 600/6818/8)


Year 10 – BTEC Tech Award Year 11 – BTEC First Award
Autumn Term Component 1: Exploring Musical Products and Styles Unit 6: Recording Techniques
Spring Term Component 1: Exploring Musical Products and Styles Unit 3: Live Sound
Summer Term Component 2: Music Skills Development Unit 1: Working in the music industry


In addition to the curriculum time at New College Leicester, we also offer an extra-curricular program. We have stretch and challenge opportunities. Concerts and performance every half term and we run a variety of trips to see musicals and concerts. We also work closely with Leicestershire Music Service to provide tuition and instrumental development.


  • Lunch – Stretch and challenge double bass project
  • Lunch – Music technology club


  • Lunch – Choir
  • After school – Musical theatre


  • Lunch – String lessons


  • Lunch – Music technology club
  • After school – Key stage 4 catch up


Mr F Matthews – Head of Performing Arts

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