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Art & Design

Welcome to the Art and Design Department at New College Leicester.

The Art and Design department offers students a wide variety of experiences within a purpose-built environment. The department, which is based in the heart of the college, includes three art teaching spaces, a ceramics and 3D classroom, textiles room, digital arts suite and a photographic darkroom/studio.

Students have easy access to computers which we increasingly use to aid Art and Design activities. We positively encourage the use of our facilities by enthusiastic students at lunchtime and after school where they can pursue their own interests or extend upon the work produced in normal lessons.

Every year students who perform well are justifiably proud of their achievements and we recognise this by displaying their work around the college which provides on going inspiration to others.

Key Stage 3

The teaching of Art and Design in Key Stage 3 provides students with a year on year accumulation of skills, knowledge and experience. Throughout the two years we teach in mixed groups averaging 20 students in each class for practical work. Each student has one lesson of one hours’ duration every week.

Extension work is seen as a key element for students to support their progress and relevant tasks are set on a regular basis which link into the programmes of study. All our students are encouraged to do art work in their own time and the department team of teachers provide extra-curricular time at lunchtimes and after school to facilitate this process.

Each programme of study integrates the use of a range of specialist media. Students will be given opportunities to experience 3D materials, printing and digital art.

The main areas of study in Key Stage 3 are:

Year 7 Year 8
Autumn Term Basic skills and techniques Colour Unit
Spring Term Multi-Cultural Unit Expressionism Unit
Summer Term Multi-Cultural Unit Landscape Unit

Key Stage 4

At the end of Year 8 students are provided with the opportunity to specialise in Art and Design as a GCSE subject. Year 9 is an introductory course intended as preparation for the independent coursework in Year 10 and 11. The curriculum provision is four/five one hour lessons over two weeks. Art and Design has traditionally been a popular subject at GCSE level and always looks to bring out our student’s creative abilities.

OCR GCSE Art and Design 9-1

The Key Stage 4 course is made up of two units; the portfolio (coursework) which is 60% of the marks and the set task (externally set) which is 40%.

Both units are assessed using OCR criteria:

  • Assessment objective 1 – Researching and exploring ideas
  • Assessment objective 2 – Experimenting and refining ideas
  • Assessment objective 3 – Record ideas
  • Assessment objective 4 – Presenting a personal response

In Year 9 students follow a techniques-based course using an extensive range of media and materials. The aim is to provide students with the skills to enable them to become independent learners in Years 10 and 11. Students will acquire these many skills whilst working through a programme of study utilising the themes of ‘The Portrait’ and ‘Modern Still Life’.

In Year 10 students are provided with a full range of experiences which will develop their skills in a variety of different media and techniques and will develop creative thought. Art Craft and Design specialises in the use of drawing, painting, printmaking, 3D, photography, computer manipulation and mixed media. Later in year, students will begin their coursework project which is set by the school. Students are given a theme and a starting point which they must thoroughly investigate through their own research, experimentation, and recording. Everything included on this journey must lead on to producing a meaningful and personal outcome. Students are encouraged to work creatively and imaginatively.

In Year 11 students will complete their coursework portfolio which will end with an outcome that brings together all of their supporting work. This is to be handed in by the end of the Autumn term. Unit 2 the externally set task, involves students developing a personal response from a list of starting points provided by OCR. The set task paper is given to students in January. They then have a clear schedule to help develop their project independently ready for the final exam. The exam consists of 10 hours of supervised time to produce the final outcome or response.

Thank you,

Mr Thomas – Head of Art and Design

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