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Author Alan Gibbons visit – Children’s author Alan Gibbons visits New College Leicester and works with Year 11 students.

Macbeth Performance – The Young Shakespeare Company perform Macbeth to our Year 11 students.

World Book Day – New College Leicester celebrates World Book Day.

Author visit – Andy Briggs – Children’s author and film writer Andy Briggs works with our Year 7, 8 and 10 students.

Author Alan Gibbons visit – Children’s author Alan Gibbons visits New College Leicester and works with Year 7, 8 and 10 students.

Space to Read – Year 9 students organise and run the Space to Read event at The National Space Centre, Leicester.

Drop Everything And Read – Helping students to achieve their full reading potential.

Author trip: Adam Baron – Students meet the children’s author Adam Baron.

Supported summer read trip – Students from Year 8 went to Leicester Race Course for the supported summer read event.

Author Visit – Author Tamsin Winter does a workshop with Year 8 students.


Archived News

Please click on the link below for archived English news:

Reading Rampage Award Ceremony – Year 8 students attend Reading Rampage Award Ceremony.

World Book Day – New College Leicester take part in World Book Day 2018.

Author week – Year 7 students meet authors Andy Briggs and Ali Sparks.

Author workshop – Students from Year 7 and 8 got to meet author Mitch Johnson and participate in workshops with him.

Author Workshop – Year 7 and 8 students attend author visit by Joseph Delaney.

Big Summer Read Trip – Year 8 students attend the Big Summer Read event.

Reading Rampage Awards – Year 8 students attend the Reading Rampage awards ceremony.


Josephine Feeney

Josephine Feeney, writer, recently visited New College Leicester and wrote about her fantastic visit on her blog – please click here to see her entry.

The Poetry Games

35 students from year 9 and 10 had their poems published in “The Poetry Games: Poets from the East Midlands” after taking part in a poetry writing competition. The poems were based on The Hunger Games, a topic that is studied in English. Students had the opportunity to express themselves in a range of themes including poverty and education. Here are some of the creative poems that were published…

The Bang

It’s happening,
The time has come,
It’s real,
Intense and forceful.

Feel the wind dodging my hair,
Running, can’t look back.
Test my fate and fortune
The fear is coming.

Waiting for the deadly silence,
Feeling the blood in my veins,
People dropping like flies around me.

I’m on the floor,
Can’t feel my legs.
I do the dreaded, I look back
They’re getting closer.

Hear the footsteps coming,
It’s very close now.
The bomb goes boom
My soul wanders away with the wind.

I take my last breath
Callum White

Nature and Animals

The birds are singing high and low
And it’s all going in a flow.
Animals wake up to the sign of light
Because they stayed up until midnight.
The trees are high and leaves are falling,
Now all the animals are snoring.
Kelsey Whitby

Perfect People

People are prejudice,
because people aren’t perfect,
picking on people because of their colour,
culture age or accent.
Picking on people because of
race and religion, parental heritage too.
People are prejudice
because people aren’t perfect.
No one person is perfect,
No one should be prejudice.
Kirsty Alcock


One billion people starving
One billion people dying
One billion people calling
One billion people crying.

Loneliness and death
That’s all they have left
While you’re sat at home
With your TV, laptop and phone.

Imagine it was you
If your only friend was the flu
And there was no one to look after
A sick and starving you.
Courtney Cherry-Giles


Some people can just afford bread
Many people live in dread
Many people live in slums
People think of them as bums.

Rich people have everything
While poor people have nothing
Rich people have Lamborghini
And on the beach in bikinis.

I feel sorry for the poor
I wish they had more
The only thing they have is each other
Most children don’t have a mother.

Some really poor people are homeless
Even some are coldness
Bank accounts are empty
Not even a pea.

Oh no the day this one’s had
This is going to be a disastrous year.
Charles Smith

The whole of the English department are very proud!


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