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Below is a collection of News items relating to Careers at New College Leicester.

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Ladder to Law – Year 9 and 10 students take part in a Ladder to Law programme to encourage them to set future career goals.

Music careers conference – Students in Year 10 who are studying Music spent the morning at The Curve Theatre, Leicester, exploring careers in the music industry.

Careers Week – New College Leicester gets behind National Careers Week with a week of activities career related.

Brilliant Club Graduation – Year 10 students celebrate their graduation from The Brilliant Club scholars programme.

Barclays Life Skills – Barclays Life Skills work with our Year 11 students focusing on employability skills and behaviour in the workplace.

Leicester University trip – Students from Year 10 spend the day at Leicester University.

Skills Show – Students from Years 10 and Post-16 go to the Skills Show in Birmingham.

Loughborough University trip – Year 8 students spend the day at Loughborough University.

Careers Fair – 30 providers visited New College Leicester for our annual careers fair.

Cambridge University trip – Year 10 students visit Cambridge University for the day.

Birmingham University Achieve Conference trip – Year 11 students go to the Achieve Conference at Birmingham University.

Year 11 Mock Interviews – Year 11 students go through a mock interview process.


Archived News

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Loughborough University trip – Year 9 students take part in an Experience Day at Loughborough University.

Ladder to Law – Students from Year 9 and 10 attend a Ladder to Law workshop.

Skills Show – Students from Year 10 and Post 16 went to the Skills Show in Birmingham to look at future pathways and different trades.

University Explored – Some Year 8 and 9 students visited Leicester University to explore the campus.

Careers Fair – New College Leicester host their informative careers fair for Year 10 and 11 students and their family.

Year 11 ASK Apprenticeship Presentation – The National Apprenticeship Service launch a new apprenticeship project to our Year 11 students.

Careers Pathway Talk by KP Snacks – KP Snacks talk about career pathways to Year 9 students.

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