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In the Footsteps of Henry VIII

It’s not every day that our students can step back in time and visit a world-famous palace that was one the home of a notorious Tudor monarch and his six wives.

Fifty-year 7 history students benefitted from such an opportunity when they visited Hampton Court Palace, home of Henry V111 and other British monarchs. As part of their course work, the students have focused on ‘Religion and The Monarchy’ and the trip to Hampton Court was planned to bring the topic alive. Nothing beats first hand learning and so the chance to walk in Henry’s footsteps by stepping into one of his palaces was a powerful experience for our students.

Hampton Court 21

They saw evidence of key elements of Tudor history which provided a meaningful context for their classroom studies and helped to reinforce their understanding of the religious changes the country underwent during the reign of Henry V111

Feedback from the students showed how impressed they were:

“The palace was amazing. I can’t believe we were somewhere that King Henry VIII has been.”

“You could feel the history as you walked around the old buildings. I liked seeing the chapel and where they would have kept the crown.”

Hampton Court 4.jpeg

The students’ observations reminded us that the palace was at one time the home and playground of the royal family, as well as a setting for nationally important events and lavish banquets.

“All of Henry VIII’s wives had been to the palace, and his children lived there too.”

“I loved the palace gardens and the maze. We also got to see where Henry VIII played tennis.”

Hampton Court 6

Summing up the day, Miss Kay, history teacher comments:

“Our visit to Hampton Court certainly fired the enthusiasm of our year 7 history students. Their curiosity, the quality of the questions they asked, and their impeccable behaviour made them a pleasure to be with. I’m looking forward to more days like this with this great group as we continue our mission to broaden the learning experiences of our students.”

Hampton Court 7


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